End of Summer Nurses Orders

End of Summer Nurses Orders

Last week , 420nurses soaked up the last bit of sunshine for Summertime and took some outside photos! for 420nurses orders.


Outdoor photos have a lot to do with lighting and angles!  420nurses orders were to grab your 420nurse gear, head outdoors and start shooting! Proffesional photography is always preferred, however, selfie/phone timer photos will suffice. Also asking 420nurses to write a blog about why staying active with 420nurses is important to you titled, “Why I stay active with 420nurses.”



 stays active with 420nurse because hanging out with other 420nurse interns is a lot of fun, it’s a great way to meet new people who have similar interests and hanging out with the other nurses is like having girl time but our way. It’s a lot of fun going out to different events together and I’m excited to work the Boston Freedom Rally with them this coming weekend.



420nurse Harlequin Nightmare is a 420nurse from Waltham, Massachusetts and wants to help spread the knowledge of cannabis and help promote the movement to legalize for recreational use. A member since just this year, this 420nurse has grown a lot.


You can become her fan today when you Click Here

Congratulations on bring chosen for this week’s nurses orders

These orders help get us 420nurses closer to our goals of becoming official! 1 individual will be chosen from GRAND PRIZE RAFFLE at the end of the year.Your progress as an aspiring 420nurse is always being reviewed! So make sure to always keep your profile fresh and updated! Good Luck on your shoots ladies!

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