2nd visit: San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market

2nd visit: San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market
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On April 2, 2016, The Honey Flower Collective hosted it’s first cannabis themed farmers market in San Diego. For those who would like to read up on their first event, feel free to check out the article here:

San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market


June 18th, 2016: Part two of this patient only farmers market took place in the North County area where once again the event drew out a multitude of patients from all walks of life. This time, the farmers market took place at a hydroponics store consisting of edibles, teas, and other non-smoking products within the building structure while dab and smoking areas were set up in the closed off parking lot. (The first event permitted vaping and dabbing but no smoking.) Additionally, the location was able to provide a larger space for people to enjoy. With a variety of amazing foods, local musicians, and vendors such as Medibons, Desert Rose Nursery, Seed Vault of California, The Furnace extracts, San Diego Boro, The Good Stuff Tonics, and many more for patients to enjoy.

“North County has been known to have issues regarding anything cannabis. There were shut downs of many local operations such as collectives, deliveries, and grow services, so the community was quite surprised and happy to hear of an event like this being held in their area. We received no complaints from any of the neighbors and were quite happy with the turnout. The sheer number of patients who attended was absolutely inspiring.”

Do you intend on trying to continue this event in other places?

“We’ve received an overwhelming amount of positivity and support for these events and so we definitely hope to continue as time goes on. We are currently in the works of putting together another event which we hope to be our best yet so definitely keep an eye out. As a collective we try to do our best for our patients and so having the support of these varying individuals who come from all over to enjoy our event is a truly motivating experience.”

Again, we’d like to thank the people from The Honey Flower Collective for taking the time to chat with us about their cannabis farmers market. For more information on any of their upcoming events, you can visit their website at: http://www.sandiegocannabisfarmersmarket.com/  

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