As word gets around about Arctic Apples being released unannounced ontoGMO apple by Canadian company Okanagan the general public as part of Monsanto’s US experiment among the label GMO forces, who are themselves aligning to other various grassroots groups to solidify citizen blowback, a ‘horse of a different color’ has joined this monumental food fight for the health of ourselves, our children, and our nation. This group is solely concerned with the health of medical marijuana patients because they themselves are such.

IMG_9709sThe 420Nurses as an activist group has been invited to take part in the Feb. 22 mass demonstration, protest, and photo shoot that is happening at Dana Point by John Diaz, Orange County’s label GMOs coordinator. John has been featured in many stories posted here since Occupy and the Prop 37 campaign. In this picture taken at DTLA’s city hall, John [shades, black jacket] leads a group chant as LA’s city council takes a vote of solidarity on the anti-GMO proposition.

As Occupy LA was united by the kraken of the mural, the master villain of the earth painted on the plywood box erected around the antique park fountain, so the oily villainy of making all things GMO [genetically engineered in ways foreign to Nature] and improving upon God/Nature by Monsanto is the clarion call by experimenting through GMO pot now being sold unannounced [again] to people, this time to reefer refugees in Colorado.

Though some trolls may want an explanation or facts to prove a case, those like John and Letitia know that the time for dragging the self-centered or politically-prove-it-to-me-challenged person is over. You are either on the trolley or you are on the corner under a dim lamp . Carpe Diem.

In the vein of being ‘gonzo’ here is the inside tip. The 420Nurses are fighting to eliminate the stigma attached to cannabis but in truth, the 420Nurses are themselves fighting a stigma. That is the stigma of being sexy, and a model, plus also being a patient and using objectification as a business and political mode of communication to advance an idea. In layman’s terms the question is, can you sell anything with sex? This reporter vows to find the answer to that question, no matter what destination this political question leads to. Saturday’s protest itinerary follows after the banner.

GMO Free Orange County

The Grocery Manufacturers Association – junk food manufacturers such as Kraft, General Mills and Kelloggs are coming to Orange County to discuss how to stop us from GMO labeling and knowing what is in our food.  These are the same companies that spent millions to defeat California’s GMO labeling effort, Prop 37.  Please join our rally to show them we are numerous and that we care about what is in our food!

RSVP tinyurl.com/OSCRally

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2014 -Pacific Coast Hwy & Ritz Carlton Drive, Dana Point, CA

10:30 am – 10:45 am Arrive for Rally to be held on the corner of Pacific Coast Hwy and Ritz Carlton Drive, Dana Point

11:00 am – 1:00 pm #TellGMA2LabelGMOs Rally – What Do YOU Want To Say To The GMA?

1:00 pm – 1:30 pm Head to the beach for bagged lunch brought from home

1:00 pm – 1:45 pm Arrive for Photo Shoot on Beach Below the Ritz Carlton

1:45 pm – Group staging for photo

2:00 PM Photo shoot of Message in Sand to the GMA – Need huge crowd

We ought to be finished by 3:00 pm

PARKING – Salt Creek Beach $1.00/hr takes dollar bills, change and debit/credit cards

JOIN THE CONTEST FOR BEST BANNER SLOGAN: WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SAY TO THE GMA http://mam-lb.com/contest-what-do-you-want-to-say-to-the-gma/


TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 25TH @ 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM LIGHT BRIGADE WELCOMES GMA – Corners of PCH & Ritz Carlton Drive



What’s Up?

The Grocery Manufactures Association, a group of junk food corporations (Monsanto, Kraft Foods, Nabisco, General Mills, Coca Cola,) will be hosting a conference put on by high powered attorneys solely on how to scuttle laws regarding: introducing a watered down GMO labeling bill on the federal level, laws to thwart States from implementing GMO labeling and how to thwart laws and class action suits regarding food safety: how to thwart laws regarding food dyes, nano technology and the new controversial “green” in plant agent orange pesticides 2-4D to name a few.

Why be involved: To come together to let the GMA know we are watching them and that we want to know what is in our food! -=-=- LabelGMOs California’s Grassroots ·
For questions go to labelgmos80@gmail.com.

PT Rothschild

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