Though it smacks of suburban myth or TV make­ believe, undercover drug 420 and cop beating wheel chair logostings occur in high schools with surprising frequency. Cops love the stings, too, which not only served as a major morale boost but could also be lucrative. “Any increase in narcotics arrests is good for police departments. It’s all about numbers,” says former LAPD Deputy Chief Stephen Downing, who now works with the advocacy group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. He now views these operations with scorn. “This is not about public safety – the public is no safer, and the school grounds are no safer. The more arrests you have, the more funding you can get through federal grants and overtime.”

The latest issue of Rolling Stone will feature an undercover high school sting operation in the schools to prisons pipeline set up to fuel the system of privatized prisons with the kids of today, the cons of tomorrow. This time the sting story highlights how a mentally challenged fragile young teenager was stalked and entrapped, the undercover cop that did it and how, the school officials, and finally how the parents fought back against the system for their kid who is now 21.

Often people will smile and nod when informed of where I live and think how cool. However, like most places, it depends on who you are and how old you are. It also depends on how your parents are. When I was growing up, my grandfather looked at me once as I was rushing to go do something with friends, he said, “Pete, I will always love you right or wrong, I just hope you aren’t wrong too much.”

Though I am glad that Jesse’s parents have the same mindset, the attitudes of the officials involved are indicative of the at-large talking head status quo. Unfortunately, this unbending and hypocritical Christian dogma abounds at a certain level of valley society. To see the full story, here is the link.

PT Rothschild

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