The roll-out of the State-sponsored AUMA* to legitimize MMRSA** will add 17 new pot fees to medical marijuana making the only pot accessible, accessible to those well-heeled. Like Hillary Clinton, this is already being anticipated with the ‘appointment’ of the State’s first Drug Czar, Lori Ajax, a 50-year old Sacramento suburbanite (Fair Oaks), with a 10-year history in the private criminal justice system [BA, Cal State] before joining the ABC as an investigator in ’95.

Working her way up through the ranks in licensing and enforcement for 20 Northern California counties, she was made deputy division chief in 2011 before Gov. Jerry Brown appointed her Chief Deputy Director of ABC in January 2014. On Feb. 3, Brown named her chief of the Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation, established by MMRSA. At 50 with just a Bachelor’s and jackboot experience in enforcement, well, as Divine Intervention has done this before; the last name of Ajax says it all for the new female G.I.Jane. But to be fair, we will let her speak for herself to the patients.

Pot Czar California Lori Ajax

“I do think we’re going to have a big licensing population here in California as it relates to cannabis,” Lori Ajax said.

The newly appointed chief of the Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation predicts licensed pot businesses soon might rival or even outnumber sanctioned booze businesses in California. There were 88,490 active alcohol licenses last year. And it isn’t about the patients as far as the State is concerned, because the State people have already estimated California to account for half of the nation’s marijuana industry sales. – see note A at the bottom of this report.

“No pressure, right?” said a laughing Ajax.

Both her position and her bureau were created in October when Gov. Jerry Brown signed the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act** into law [see archives, events].

“I think there’s a lot of ambiguity right now,” Ajax said. “My vision is that we put together a strong regulatory structure where medical marijuana patients can get access to safe medicine and that Californians can be proud of.” – see note B at the bottom of this report.

As if that’s not a daunting enough task, Ajax’s mandate (and the number of pot licenses) might expand dramatically if Californians approve the recreational use of cannabis at the ballot box* in November.

Either way, her bureau won’t be doing it alone. The Department of Food and Agriculture will monitor cultivation and the Department of Public Health will supervise manufacturing and testing of cannabis products. Ajax’s bureau – which is under the Department of Consumer Affairs – will regulate transportation, distribution and sales.

But with 17 different licenses to establish, some leaders in California’s nearly $3 billion medical marijuana industry have quietly voiced concerns that clear rules might not be in place in time to start issuing permits by the target deadline of Jan. 1, 2018.

Ajax has no such doubts.

“There is no room for failure here. It’s going to happen.” – Lori Ajax, 2016

Note A – The guess to equate California’s medical marijuana business to be half the entire nation’s cannabis sales is tobacco science logic, advanced only to facilitate the state’s greed, done by ad hoc experts who have no real world experience beyond a water-cooler dictator. This ain’t The Office.

Note B – The only impediment to safe access for medical marijuana patients has been people like this, who do these kinds of jobs to regulate the flow of the people’s commerce for their cut. They are the government mob. The patient community has never had a problem that didn’t come from the government, including the current green gold rush fever. Safe medicine means GMO pot and/or weak Washington State style pot.

Editor’s note – As stated in previous columns and stories, this California fight for cannabis takes precedent over all other cause fights because this fight is the eye of the kraken [Occupy Los Angeles]. This is a fight of Good [Gaia/Mother Nature] versus Evil [mammon/money]. As medical marijuana patients, illegal stoners, people who like weed, dreamers, entrepreneurs, and libertarians, it is imperative that we defeat AUMA* in a landslide at the polls in November. Spread the Buzz to Keep the Buzz#NoOnAUMA

No AUMA means MMRSA can be overturned in court – REMEMBER THAT

17 new pot fees, if you let it happen. Starting Jan 1, 2018

Not a voter, then don’t be a slacker.

PT Rothschild

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