Long ago in a galaxy far, far away, a story came forth that thrilled the world [except China for obvious reasons]. Today in a galaxy very near, our galaxy actually, the battle that took place long ago is now happening on our very doorsteps. An empire ruled by a mouse seeks forced worship [worship means works for, linguistically] through mind tricks and verbal abuse to dominate the purse strings of its citizenry.

Yes Sports Fans and fellow friends of Mary Jane, as happens from time to time, something from the default world has crossed over into the land of stickiness. If you are a diehard Star Wars fan then you know what the clatter is all about, but if you haven’t heard, the brand Star Wars has been sliding downhill ever since Disney bought the franchise and merchandising rights from George Lucas for $4Billion.

The reasons for this inflammatory decline and subsequent movie fandom divide are myriad but the overall cause can be put under two big tents: the franchise movie direction went from writer-driven to filmmaker-driven, and a misconception for market appeal based on political agenda. Since Disney is in a war with Comcast for Fox and Co., not to mention the planned SW theme park rollout, this is hardly the time for the mouse to find a turd in the punch bowl, but that’s exactly what the latest Star Wars release from Disney has become.

Meanwhile, here are some expert voices with color commentary on a situation that is still developing at press time, ladies first. Why you are a SW fan.

And what is your critique of the present situation?

Here’s a review about The Last Jedi [spoiler alert, if you care]

Another look into the fan controversy.

Now the guys. The reason for the Solo boycott.

A comic book pro chimes in.

What about the toys?

And bringing up our last voice, one of the newest ‘stars’ to rise in this rebellion against the mouse, our own Lurleen,

This is a developing story.

PT Rothschild

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