You will read pros and cons about #SlutWalk in general and about the Amber Rose Slutwalk in particular by people who are Soros-aphobic or questions about where the money goes by people who have never put on a fest in their ivory tower lives.

But to learn what a movement is really all about you need to read the signage carried by the people; the words written by their passion for the issue involved.

Like Mary Jane Green, was also in attendance for the parade, aka Slutwalk, down from 1st & Hill to Pershing Square. Presented here are the signs of the times, highlighting an issue that has been harboring around since Adam & Eve. For your perusal – SlutWalk 2017 LA in words.

One sign explained the difference.

Both options constitute choice on the woman’s part because she owns her body, as every person does.

And one sign summed it up for everyone there.

PT Rothschild

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