About a year ago when I stopped in for a slice of pizza at a local neighborhood spot down a couple of blocks from the 420nurses headquarters on Sherman Way, one of the owners of the family biz asked me ‘What’s up with those girls?’ This was followed by a wink ‘n’ nod look. At this time the medical patient model group had started their Friday Night Sesh, a weekly farmers market/house party event with no booze or cigarettes allowed, only cannabis related products, music, and happy faces.

Though I can’t say for sure whether or not the organization was the first to host such an event, they were definitely one of the first to start the organic trend of local weekly gatherings of this type. There were even theme nights, like gamer nights with a bus of old school arcade games like Space Invaders and Pac Man. Now that Friday night innovation had gotten them noticed by the non-cannabis amigos down the street. Wearing my 420Nurse gear [cap and tee shirt] as staff on this publication, an affiliate of the parent 420Nurses organization housed under the IT end, it was up to me to explain things past the sexy nurse look you usually see around Halloween or in Men’s magazines.

Although the nurse look did originate at Halloween when the group idea was conceived, that was TMI so I gave my usual explanation concerning the girl models – they’re medical patient models and they rep for my book, among other things. There’s no hanky panky.

In the time space since that day the ‘sesh’ has established itself as a niche between the dispensaries [from hole-in-the-walls to Med Men styles] and the brand name expo festivals. In that same time frame Mary Jane Green, aka marijuana, has become Cannabis, an intellectual property now licensed by and under the authority of the California State legislature like a Coca Cola product made by man. As this blasphemy echos through the Cosmos for rebuttal, the group who reps the MMJ patients at the heart of the scene and known throughout it, is readying another first step with the opening of their flagship store in Canoga Park.

Different from a smoke or vape shop and more varied than your glass shop, you will have less in item selection [like a 1000 glass pipes on display at a regular glass shop] but more in selection types of accessories that medical marijuana patients use, including CBD products that don’t feature THC. There will be something else that is different from the usual Med Men experience, told first hand from a new transplant to the LA area.

“There were people lined up out the door. It was like a Wal-Mart [plenty of merch but limited expertise in product knowledge] so I just said ‘give me seven grams of seven different strains’ and left.”

Although the new 420Nurses store won’t be carrying any THC medical marijuana items [flower, vapes, wax, or hash] onsite, advice and recommendations as to what remedies you might require in that area can be easily addressed by the cannabis experienced model patient staff of 420Nurses at the new accessory store.

“We are not hiring 9-5 people for the store. We will have [420nurses] working there who know the inventory and what’s in stock,” said Chacha in regards to the store’s staff for this article.

The additional space that opens in the HQ will enhance the private membership Stoner Cafe, another cannabis niche available in more progressive areas like Los Angeles County [sorry, Riverside County, up high – no? down low – too slow!].

PT Rothschild

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