Every 420Nurse is more expert in medical marijuana than any doctor, lawyer, tv show host, or bureaucratic politician. They alone know their bodies and minds, and they know what helps them and how. While many of the above newcomers to cannabis may have excellent credentials including Ph.Ds, the 420Nurses have Ph.Cs in medical marijuana.

Detroit Chapter Leader GrlNxtDoor710 dabbing the Independence in

Detroit Chapter Leader GrlNxtDoor710 dabbing the Independence in

Though young female patients join the 420Nurses for a number of reasons, modeling and business being the main two, wearing the visual symbol of a viable market demo while becoming the conceptual personification of a central activist movement is bound to get noticed beyond the ‘black market’ designation given to all unsanctioned things by the status quo. If people know who the Trailer Park Boys are, it’s not a question of ‘if’ with the nurses but a statement of ‘when’.

420 and always in the thick of things

When that day comes, Chacha will of course be in the spotlight, but it will be the brand organization and all of its member nurses individually that will rep the concept that there is a separate medical market to cannabis beside Stonerville.

Summer Rain (L) and Cha Cha VaVoom (R) as modern day Pin Ups. #BrittanyLeGaultImages

Summer Rain (L) and Cha Cha VaVoom (R) as modern day Pin Ups. #BrittanyLeGaultImages

Being a patient already, you don’t need special training added to your position as a 420Nurse. Besides the model aspect, you are a 420nurse. If someone has a medical problem question concerning pot products or uses, they don’t have to trust a politician, a priest, a doctor, or a man/woman in authority, you can answer their question directly if there is a known common connection of concern. You know cannabis and its effect on you. You have a Ph.C. You are wearing your Ph.C credentials.

420 and proud to be a Nurse

Being a 420Nurse goes beyond being a ‘Revlon girl’ model or even a Rosie the Riveter. As you go from job assignment to job assignment, to everyone you meet and all who see you, you are the 420Nurses; they, in turn, are the embodiment of Mary Jane, the natural remedy from cannabis that is being repped by a real person, a natural who is by knowing, proud but not prideful, helpful, and compassionate with advice.

420 and keep calm Nurses

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