It isn’t expected to waltz into town and impress a SFV girl, especially a head 420Nurse planning to open her first cannabis accessory store in about a month [keep it here for the real skinny ahead of the crowd]. But that’s exactly what happened at the last Friday Night Sesh this reporter hit shopping for a story and some fresh flower from the Queen of the Hive, Chacha VaVoom.

Naturally I don’t try to impress anyone at these events because I am at the heart of the scene and it isn’t a competition, it’s a farmers market. Also though I go for flower, I will shop for vape refills because the best deals are at these local events. Normally I will take a small travel glass piece to medicate in route discreetly downwind and a nug or two. This time I took only a vape pen the size of my travel pipe. It’s called a STIIIZY [st3-Z, rhymes with weezy].

In the ‘store area’ that houses much of the merch that will be for sale in the coming shop, a break in the conversation topics allowed me to whip out my STIIIZY prompting a squeal and a chuckle from Chacha. At 72 it doesn’t get much better than that. She called over to her head IT guy, Jimmy.

“Look at the size of that thing,” she exclaimed gleefully.

The design is sleek, the case sports a black matte battery housing, and the difference in size from almost every vape pen you see, impressed her naturally having an eye for fashion as a model. Hint, you should see some of the glass accessories that will be offered; think Mary Tyler Moore, not Mothership Glass. I took a draw and blew out a slightly bluish cloud that wasn’t much of a ghost. In an instant there wasn’t a trace of anything.

Then I pulled off the cartridge top to show how thick the viscosity was for the oil inside. As Chacha agreed to that point visually, I showed her the magnetic pads on the bottom of the cartridge and dropped it into place, causing twin flashes of a dim light on the base.

“I’m rocking the [Premium] Jack, a sativa, would you like a hit?” I asked, knowing what the answer would be.

“Yes, thank you, PT. Is there a button?”

“No, air draw [breath activated],” I replied.

Then after the smooth, clean draw Chacha replied with a smile, “That’s a sativa all right.”

The STIIIZY Advanced Delivery System and STIIIZY Premium THC Pods [certified by SCL Labs] are available at select locations in Southern Cali for sure. For more product information,

PT Rothschild

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