I don’t like to weigh in on politics on a personal scale because politics is about policy and track records, but recently Hillary Clinton has once again reared her uglies to the camera, so to speak.

After having trotting out a Schedule 2 dictate for marijuana [not cannabis] to pander MMJ and stoner hopefuls for votes complete with the fake message of approval, this was later denied with something official from the DEA. The DEA as you will recall, was created by Nixon once the 1937 pot prohibition law or act was set aside as unconstitutional.

Tied to the start of the California cannabis civil war, the Clinton influence has been felt in the absolute blatant disfranchisement of Prop 215 and SB 420 by the out-of-control gangsters in Sacramento. In fact, it has been said by some that only Divine Intervention can derail the Clinton Express Money Mogul Metroliner to the First Madame parking slot at 1600 Penn in DC.

After a journalist’s remarks about HRC’s health in the Huffington Puff got him banished to YouTube status with all his past credentials pulled, this happened.

This sensation has been making it around the internet like a fart in an elevator, sorry for the gross pun but it seems to fit this time.

When you make Secure Team and you have nothing to do with UFOs or space in general, that says a lot.

Whatever your feelings are toward having the ‘first woman president’ happen this election cycle, having someone hock into a glass is like that woman saying, ‘excuse me, but I’m on my monthlies.’ TMI. But when Hillary later takes several pulls from the same glass with her backwash, there’s something that would gag a maggot.

As if stealing the White House table service wasn’t enough when she left the first time.

Say Goodnight, Dixie.

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PT Rothschild

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