• Alpaca Grinders.

    Alpaca Grinders.3

    Grinders are simple tools useful for breaking up various plant materials. From dried spices to coffee beans and edible herbs, these simple setups are useful for a variety of products. Cannabis flower consumers have made considerable use of these devices to produce a more enjoyable experience, their valuable ability to finely shred dried plant material into more usable granules produces a

  • Winners of the 2016 SoCal Medical Cannabis Cup

    Winners of the 2016 SoCal Medical Cannabis Cup0

    Everyone brought their best to the 2016 HIGH TIMES SoCal Medical Cannabis Cup! The competition was fierce across all of the categories represented, but ultimately the judges voted for these fine entries. Here’s the complete list of winners: BEST MEDICAL HYBRID CONCENTRATES 1st Place – Strawberry Banana Lemonade by Greenwolf and Moxie 710 2nd Place – Zkittlez by Southern Humboldt Farms Collective

  • 420 & NIBIRU

    420 & NIBIRU0

    The picture inside this story taken Dec 7th in Southern California shows a second sun in the sky. The current presidential drama, the ISIS drama, the refugee drama, even the racial drama, all these things are about to be page 2 news. It is suggested after you read this article that you quietly begin to



    This past weekend the High Times Cannabis Cup was held in San Bernardino. If you missed it, don’t worry, it’s also happening this coming weekend. That’s right 420nurses. If you couldn’t break away to work the Cup last weekend, you still have this weekend to celebrate the Cup, meet some new friends, smoke some bomb

  • Mad Hatter Nutrients

    Mad Hatter Nutrients0

      Nutrients and soils are the foundation of the cannabis production process. In the many years since legalization has taken place there have been a lot of companies dedicated to refining and producing the necessary materials needed to bring out the most in the cannabis plants growing cycle. The use of safe and properly formulated products can become the

  • MyDX: The Palm Sized Testing Platform.

    MyDX: The Palm Sized Testing Platform.1

    Developing technologies and product breakthroughs are continuing to advance the cannabis industry in profound and amazing ways. The further development of cannabis testing technology has also vastly improved in these past few years and as the industry continues to evolve, we will uncover new, more efficient, and more practical methods of quality control, safety screening,