• The Solution from Connoisseur Concentrates

    The Solution from Connoisseur Concentrates3

    Connoisseur Concentrates has been developing products for the cannabis industry since early 2014. Their recognized product- The Mr. Extractor- is a hyper passive closed loop system built to provide effective and efficient extraction without the need for excessive equipment. Their second product- The Solution – Has been providing vape  connoisseurs with an effective alternative to conventional PG and other ingredients.

  • Bhang Products.

    Bhang Products.2

    Bhang products launched it’s edible line in the fall of 2010. Founded in Oakland on the idea of providing the most effective cannabis products around, what began from years of dedication has now grown to accommodate a multitude of cannabis regulated states: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Michigan, Washington, Nevada, and New York. As of now they are in

  • CCA 710: Concentrates Connoisseur Accessories

    CCA 710: Concentrates Connoisseur Accessories0

    Advancements in design approaches, materials, and simple re-adjustments have paved the way to innovative quality concentrate tools that effectively reinvent the way they are consumed. Among the many manufacturers that produce top quality products, there is one company that truly stands out among the rest: Concentrates Connoisseur Accessories (CCA710). CCA710 is a Colorado based company

  • CANN Sub-division Meeting: San Diego

    CANN Sub-division Meeting: San Diego1

    Since our last article about the petition to introduce a Cannabis Chemistry Committee into the American Chemical Society, the effort has grown to become an official sub-division of the ACS’s Chemical Health and Safety Division as of October 2015. In this transition the committee has evolved to become the Cannabis Chemistry Sub-division (CANN), with that evolution comes the

  • Premium Quality Nectar Stick

    Premium Quality Nectar Stick2

      The evolution of cannabis extracts continues to progress and with it comes new approaches to the way they are are viewed, consumed, and enjoyed. Some companies have chosen to preserve traditional methods while others have employed cutting edge technologies that further advance their end product to a higher standard. Among the many who are extracting and refining the various derivatives needed for cannabis

  • Dixie Elixirs and Products

    Dixie Elixirs and Products1

    Since the country implemented laws allowing the use of recreational cannabis there has been a burst of new companies that have brought about their own specialty infused products to accommodate the growing market. Among the many there is one that has quickly gained immense recognition in this rapidly growing industry. Dixie Brand Elixirs and Edibles was founded