• Product Review : Nectar Stick

    Product Review : Nectar Stick5

    Reposted by 420nurse madmetalmage Written on Saturday, July 30, 2016   Front View Next to US Quarter: Back View: So last night I went to the Friday night sesh at the 420Nurses Headquarters. That evening I purchased a couple of products including a premium quality solvent-free disposable vaporizer pen called Nectar Stick made by the company

  • Namaste and Chill with Betty Khronic

    Namaste and Chill with Betty Khronic3

    Betty Khronic is an edible company that has been in establishment since January 2016. What originally began as a way of providing patients with worry-free / effective vegan edible options. It has quickly grown to accommodate a multitude of collectives through California. We spoke with Katina Morales (aka: Betty Khronic.) and Mike Garcia about their product: What

  • Eureka Vapor

    Eureka Vapor2

    Cannabis Extracts are continuing to gain popularity in both the recreational and medicinal cannabis market. There are many different methods in which they are produced, refined, and prepared to fit the needs of the various users who have grown to enjoy their effectiveness, convenience, and discreetness. Since 2011, Eureka Vapor has been producing refined co2 cannabis



    Today we hear a lot about regulation, needed research, and a predicted explosion of technology, all from those in blind authority over medical marijuana who have no experience whatsoever in it’s field. Government regulation would be welcomed in a perfect world but as we all know, our world, our government, and this blind authority is led

  • Bhang Products.

    Bhang Products.4

    Bhang products launched it’s edible line in the fall of 2010. Founded in Oakland on the idea of providing the most effective cannabis products around, what began from years of dedication has now grown to accommodate a multitude of cannabis regulated states: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Michigan, Washington, Nevada, and New York. As of now they are in

  • Dixie Elixirs and Products

    Dixie Elixirs and Products1

    Since the country implemented laws allowing the use of recreational cannabis there has been a burst of new companies that have brought about their own specialty infused products to accommodate the growing market. Among the many there is one that has quickly gained immense recognition in this rapidly growing industry. Dixie Brand Elixirs and Edibles was founded