• California’s Chalice Festival 2016

    California’s Chalice Festival 20160

    Chalice is a well known event dedicated to all things art, music, and cannabis. On July 8th-10th, the event took place at the San Bernardino Fairgrounds in Victorville. The fairgrounds consisted of an enormous network of booths and vendors showcasing everything from the newest edibles, topicals, and non-smoking products, to the numerous flower and genetics companies who featured the latest and greatest of cannabis strains. The sheer number of extract artists who came

  • The Bus Double Cup: Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

    The Bus Double Cup: Las Vegas and Los Angeles.0

    The Bus Magazine is a cannabis and entertainment publication from Las Vegas. In January 2016, they held their first event- The Bus LA Cup- in the San Fernando Valley which brought about many of the local patients, vendors, and musicians. In June, they decided to keep the party going with The Bus Double Cup which began on the 16th at a Las

  • DaDankFest


    June 19, 2016: ‘Dadankfest’ kicked off at a downtown Los Angeles location that resided in a large parking space directly under a freeway. As the hot summer day beat down on the city, guests were able to take in shade under the thick concrete and enjoy few of the vendors who gathered together for the festivities. With a variety of extract

  • 90%2nd visit: San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market

    2nd visit: San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market0

    On April 2, 2016, The Honey Flower Collective hosted it’s first cannabis themed farmers market in San Diego. For those who would like to read up on their first event, feel free to check out the article here: San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market   June 18th, 2016: Part two of this patient only farmers market took place in the North County

  • Dab Crown 2: Shut Down

    Dab Crown 2: Shut Down0

    June 11. 2016- It was a disappointing sight as the Los Angeles Dab Crown 2 was forced to end prematurely due to police presence. Reports / accounts of both vendors and event goers sneaking in alcohol was allegedly the reason behind the shut down. The event began at 2pm at a downtown location that was announced the day of

  • Edible Sesh

    Edible Sesh0

    The Edible Sesh is an event dedicated to bringing out innovative ideas in cannabis infused cuisine. During the 2016 Memorial Day weekend, the event kicked off at the Los Angeles 420 Nurses Headquarters in the San Fernando Valley. As the judges chowed down on the various dishes, guests were treated with a host of music and festivities such