• Want in on the GREEN RUSH ? advice from entrepreneurs

    Want in on the GREEN RUSH ? advice from entrepreneurs1

    “It’s a boom town,” says entrepreneur Richard Huang, describing the legal cannabis industry, “but it’s not a gold rush, where just any fool can strike it big.” As co-founder of the vaporizer company Cloudious9, Huang has picked out his niche, putting time and effort behind the vaping trend.  He is one of the plethora of professional

  • Netflix selling weed

    Netflix selling weed1

    Talk about Netflix & CHILL The popular streaming video service, netflix is selling unique strains of marijuana using the titles of their original productions. The strains of weed are inspired by comedies such as “Orange is the New Black,” “Lady Dynamite,” and “Bojack Horseman.” Netflix said each flavor was “cultivated with the specific shows in



    About The Walk Take the power away from derogatory labels. “Slut,” a word that exploded into disturbing context after a Toronto police officer told a crowd of college women that if they wanted to avoid sexual assault, they shouldn’t dress like sluts. Infuriated women across the country, outraged by this comment united to take a

  • How to make Medicated BBQ sauce & Ribs

    How to make Medicated BBQ sauce & Ribs3

    Whether you’re wanting to get more medicated and spice up a bbq with the homies, or maybe have a more relaxed vibe at a family cookout, one thing is for sure, its bbq season and lots of 420 smokers are partaking this summer. Maybe you’re smoking your meat, and smoking a bong wondering how you can have your

  • Los Angeles has a new face of cannabis

    Los Angeles has a new face of cannabis5

    Mayor Eric Garcetti has appointed Cat Packer as Executive Director of the newly-established Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation. Packer will be the first Executive Director for the department, which was created in June after Los Angeles voters approved the local regulation and taxation of cannabis earlier this year. In her new role, Packer will

  • SLUMP – The Review

    SLUMP – The Review11

    Some things speak for themselves both in logo and intelligent design. The expanding world of cannabis extracts is one such arena where you are only limited by your outlook and sophistication. Upon entering the sesh world or any multi-vendor cannabis event, you are greeted with a slew of wax, budder, shatter, hash oil, and crumble