• Mama Ganja Makes Best Medical Edibles in SoCal

    Mama Ganja Makes Best Medical Edibles in SoCal6

    Finding good edibles without a trusted brand can be lame. It’s easy to get some medicated snacks only to get home and realize the batch you bought is so weak you need to eat six flavorless cookies just to catch a buzz. Or you can get some chocolate bar that tastes like fried weed and



    Hollywood added a different museum to the many found in LA with the opening of the Hollywood Hemp Museum on July 21st. Located on a corner next to the Henry Fonda Theater in the heart of Hollywood, the easiest way there is to take the Red Line [subway] to Hollywood and Vine. You will exit

  • California opening first legal cannabis shops causes problems

    California opening first legal cannabis shops causes problems4

    Growing marijuana has run in June’s family for three generations, a stretch that has seen universal prohibition give way to accelerating legalisation. For well over a decade, June – who asked her real name not be used – and her husband have been among the thousands of Californians who cultivate pot in a state where

  • How to make Canna CocoNut Oil

    How to make Canna CocoNut Oil7

    So along with a few recipes, I’ve covered how to make CannaOil and how to make CannaButter here on everything 420, as far as basic starter ingredients for cooking medicated meals and confections.   Another amazing cooking ingredient for not only edibles but also topicals is cannabis coconut oil. It just so happens to be one

  • Wildfires threaten oregon pot growers

    Wildfires threaten oregon pot growers2

    Wildfires scorching hundreds of acres in southern Oregon are prompting evacuations, canceling popular performances of the Ashland Shakespeare Festival and casting a smoky cloud over the region’s most famous crop. Marijuana growers say the wildfires have turned what normally would be the sundrenched end of summer into a smoky haze that has affected their plants and field

  • Marijuana packaging ROBOT

    Marijuana packaging ROBOT2

    Why spend hours hunched over a table nudging buds into baggies when you could get a robot to do it for you? This is the idea behind BudBot, the cannabis packaging robot invented by Seattle entrepreneur Steve Chandler. The machine, which officially hit the market in early August, purports to “automatically weigh, sort and pack cannabis