Bimlilife products

Bimlilife products

Bimlilife products start with a proprietary phytocannabinoid rich Industrialized Hemp plant grown here in the United States  Controlling the entire growing and manufacturing process allows us to provide you with a quality organic product with a potency in the range of 70-85%.  A minimal amount of THC is present in the Raw C-B-D Oil when it is extracted. We remove the THC only leaving behind the cannabinoids and terpenes that are vital in creating the entourage effect.  Having a Full Spectrum C-B-D Oil like the BimliLife C-B-D Product Line is a must if you want to get the true benefits of using C-B-D.

Bimlilife is passionate about providing a product that will meet your expectations.  These products are tested by an outside lab to ensure they meet their standards, and industry standards as well. I honestly LOVE their product it takes good, and it works for me, my mom , and my grandfather. I suffer from anxiety, my mom from lupus, and my grandfather from a few different ailements, we all use Bimlilife and I love the results.

Bimlilife farm is located in Colorado and only grows plants that have specifically been selected to allow them to create the highest quality product.


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