5 lipsticks to last through a blunt session

5 lipsticks to last through a blunt session

I saw this blog on high times and wanted to give my input, being a 420nurse for over 5 years, ive attended many 420 photoshoots, events and sessions and I feel I have found a pretty good opinion on 420 friendly, lipsticks.


Have you ever taken a bongload and left a bright red rim of lipstick around the glass?

or gone to the bathroom after a long smoke sesh to see that the joint has wiped away a good portion of your fabulous lippy.

So what’s a 420 girl to do?

One should not have to chose between fabulous lipstick and hitting that blunt. Maybe we can have it all.

May I present you with my version of the lipstick/joint case study—what brands can last through a smoke session and which just don’t cut it.


Luckily for you, I have tried many of them, ranging from specialty brands to drugstore classics. Blunts, joints and bowls, I smoked them all in my favorites lip picks. And I did it for you.

Ranked from worst to best performing, take a look and wear accordingly.



5. Kylie Jenner Lip kit

We coudn’t forget the queen of lip kits now could we? This product is really good, I have had a mixed review with this as one color was great and lasted amazing for a sesh, and another color seemed sticky, and didnt stay the same as the first kit i got. Either way a great product.

4. Amuse cosmetics liquid matte lipstick

I have to admit I didn’t have high expectations for a liquid matte lipstick under $5. However, I was pleasantly surprised. No, it’s not the best lipstick ever. It was a little sticky in the middle and took a few coats but the color is so pretty and it lasted a few backwoods before it started to get patchy and wear off.
For a $5? I’d definitely buy more and I will definitely be wearing it alot

3. Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick

Ive used this product for a few years, and I like the consistency. It definitely stays on for a few blunt sessions, maybe a quick event. definitely not something to last all day , Ive found myself reapplying half way though the day. upon reapplication it starts to cake up on your lips, but it is a bright and stunning option which i have liked alot. Definitely good to last through a few bowls.

2. Liquid Matte by Huda Beauty

This liquid lipstick is an ideal sesh lasting product. It literally doesn’t smidge or sweat. Be careful when applying, as once it’s on it won’t budge

1. Lime Crime

Lime Crime’s liquid matte lipstick that started it all. very pigmented and lasts all day, you get what you pay for when buying jeffree star, or lime crime I love these items and always have them in my stoner girl makeup bag. These lippys are guarenteed to last through your next smoke session!!



Thanks for reading!!

stoner girls 18+ come smoke with me on 420nurses.com


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